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I am a retired Computer Professional with a broad range of computer skills gained providing technical, management, and instructional support at the Computing Services Department, University of British Columbia. To see what keeps me busy in my retirement check my home page at www.galiander.ca .

I started my career at the University of BC in 1965. Initially, as a programmer, I was heavily involved in the support of Graphics. Later, as a manager, I was involved in the support of Computer Languages, Data Base systems, Microcomputers and Unix systems.

I wrote the first version of QuikGrid in 1993 as an exercise to learn how to program in C++ under the MS Windows operating system. I originally developed the underlying grid generation and contouring algorithms in FORTRAN in the late 1960ís and early 1970ís. The program has evolved since 1993 in response to requests from people who use it. QuikGrid was sold as shareware until the end of 2003. At that time, as part of my retirement transition, I turned it into freeware. Soon afterwards I released the source code for the grid generation and contouring modules. In 2005 I released the full source code.

My goal was to provide a compact, easy to use and extremely fast tool to help visualize and analyze scattered data points which define a surface.

Dec 13/10