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QuikGrid Version 5.4 (2009, qgrid54.exe)
QuikGrid was written for and runs under MS Windows. QuikGrid may be also used under Linux/UNIX by using the WINE windows emulator. To install it run the qgrid54.exe installation program under WINE. I have tested QuikGrid using WINE releases 0.9.46 (Nov/2007) and more recently using  1.1.31 (Dec/2009) under Ubuntu(Debian) Linux. Use of the help facility is limited under WINE.

NOTE: Microsoft no longer supports the Windows help facility that above version of QuikGrid uses. I recommend you download one of the two versions below which have a functioning help facility. If you wish to use the version above anyhow it is available Here!  The help file is available as an online html document here. You may obtain a copy for installation on your computer by downloading a .zip file here.

QuikGrid recommended install from Stephen Ferrell (2016-2021: 32 bit or 64 bit support with functioning help facility).

Stephen Ferrell has created a 64 bit version of QuikGrid and re-implemented the Help facility with Microsoft HTML Workshop. This will be particularly useful for those with truly gigantic data sets (>1 billion data points). It is also nice to have a functioning help facility.

The 64 bit version is available here.      (Run the program QuikGrid_x64-setup.exe)

A more recent release is available from github at:  https://github.com/ferrellsl/QuikGrid/releases 

The 32 bit version is available here.       Or from Steve's drop box account here.   (Run the program QuikGrid_x86-setup.exe)

Stephen Ferrell may be contacted at sferrellblue at yahoo.com .


More information about obtaining the source code is available here.

Known Bugs

Jul 16/10 - Added simtel.net as download site.
May /11 - Added Brothersoft as a download location.
Jun/14 - Removed Simtel.net as a download location.
Mar/16 - Removed Brothersoft as a download location.
Jul/16 - Added Stephen Ferrell versions.
Apr/18 - Revised
Dec/21 - Available on github