Whaler Bay

Galiano Island, BC, Canada

Whaler Bay, Galiano Island

Welcome to our neighbourhood. Whaler Bay is located on the South/East end of Galiano Island.  To the North of the bay lies the Strait of Georgia and Vancouver. To the East and South is Active Pass, the Ferry route for traffic between Vancouver and Victoria on Vancouver Island. The image above is from a webcam that is pointed approximately South West towards the head of the bay. It is updated every 15 minutes during daylight hours.  The outer part of the bay provides good anchorage for boats in almost all winds. The Bay is only exposed to a North Blow (rare) and protection can be found behind Twiss Pt in those conditions. The inner bay is further protected by ragged reefs which can pose a hazard to navigators who lack accurate maps or are not paying attention. The inner bay and public dock should not be approached by boaters at low tide unless they have a very shallow draft or have some local knowledge.
Government Dock

Whaler BayThe public dock is a Federal Department of Fisheries dock managed by the local Whaler Bay Harbour Authority. It acts as a home port for commercial vessels, recreational boats and many small runabouts used by owners of land on Gossip Island. 

The Resurrection of Whaler Bay - an article by Dave Ages.

For the current weather near Whaler Bay visit the
Galiano Community School Weatherstation
which is located just up the hill on the left in the image above.

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Oct 28/19