John's Thailand Sketchbook
January, 1993

In January of 1993 Eleanor and I explored Thailand with our friends Trevor and Sheila. While traveling in Thailand I tried to do a sketch a day and would only occasionally write in my journal.

BangkokBankok was teeming with people. Very polluted noisy and hot.
BangkokTwo days was enough. I'm happier out here in the country. Our hotel in Bankok was perhaps too western - in the hotel you could almost imagine you were back home, air conditioning, western toilet, bacon and eggs for breakfast. But outside it was very different indeed. There was a market right outside the hotel that seemed to go on for blocks. Teeming with people, swarming with people - and so very hot and smelly. Many traffic policemen and cyclists wore masks. 

Temples abound.

Having Trevor's friend Peter take us out for lunch and dinner was a very special treat on our first day. Although it was exhausting and we were concerned about Lou's missing pack. I guess we will never know where it was displaced but it arrived a day late.

The problem with the first few days is the jet lag - and in some ways maybe we shouldn't have pushed ourselves so hard. But we were anxious to leave Bangkok so we managed to see the "important" stuff in a mere two days.

Jan 9, 1993 - Sam's Place

        PlaceComing here was tense for me as we were unsure of the train schedule - but it all worked out the way it should. (and my nervous stomach settled down).

LouThai restaurant

Kiet Bungalows
Kiet BungalowsView of rocks

3 Islands
      BungalowRestaurant View

3 IslandsTrevor

3 IslandFoy La Bungalow

Lamai BeachLamai Beach

      Lamai beachEleanor Sheila Lamai

Sheila scooter bungalowUtopia Beach


Eleanor massageLamai Beach

Hotel Chang
      MaiChang Mai trek

      Sleeping CubicleStorage


Prae GateBannana Tree

Doi SuthapNaga

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