August 6 - Tobermory

Skipper skipped out for a frisk returning about 2:00am. Brian sang sweet lullabies until the new crew settled in for their first night aboard.

Saturday, August 9

Cookies organized, eggs, toast, tang and coffee for breakfast, Ron firing up the keg six feet from a gas pump. Boys filled the bilge with beer for ballast.

12:16 Skipper immortal words on clearing Cove Island Lighthouse, "Going lickity shit"!!

          Brian Ron JohnSunday, August 10 - Tamarac Cove

1.5 - 2 fathoms. Pines whistled peacefully.

2:15am Skipper roused to check wind direction. T. Cove not as protected as anticipated. Crews rested in bunks to ride the swells until 6:05am. Ron, assisted by ABLE crew John and Brian, maneuvered northward outBreakfast of the cove - 3 mi. to Killarney.

NWN breeze this morn. Compass course. Sun is rising.

6:30am Mainsail & jenny hoisted. Six naught wind.

11:05 Main down & Killarney off the bow. Short stop in Killarney - terrorized the natives. Had a scant perch fry in Perch Bay - mosquitoes galore. Terrific sleep screened in.

FishingMonday, August 11 - Perch Bay

8:30am Lou and Kathy mermaiding off the rocks. Water's glacier temp. Skip's shorts are rotting!! Cause for conUnder waycern - bounced the keel off Pinch Isle shoal. "Filing down the rocks" says skip cheerfully.

10:05am We're off to Bay Finn. Sailed spinnaker briefly.

Tuesday, August 12

Moored at entrance to the narrows. No fiGuitar on
          the rockssh being caught. Brian pulled in (first cast) a beautiful tin can! On shore breakfast of John's delicious pancakes. Skipper took us isle hopping. Severe scrape encountered by KFishingath chasing bass over shitty rocks. Only 3 bass taken. Lou champed with largest bass. Fishing spirits badly whipped - powered to the POOL to regain complacency aided by feast of pike - thanks to yachters, BC-Lee and Poseiden. Moored near Henry's Harem and had a rollicking evening on the rocks! Great tickling session & no one remembers hitting the sack.

Under wayWednesday, August 13

Awakened at 8:45am to stereo music of cruisers close by. The pool is crowded & we've been adopted - more pike hand outs for breakfast. Lovely maid next boat looks longingly as skipper ruthlessly hoisted anchor. Our unshaven male trio have scrumptious bristly beards. We're afloat again & where we anchor next is anyone's guess. Lou at the tiller. Beautiful sail into Little Current under bridge - sacheted smartly into dock. Pegasus II welcomed us & gave us their tour. Cheese sandwiches & onion soup for dinner while boys girly goggled the local dock chic's.

"O you say there are 6 people on that shark?" - A. "No, just 5!!"

Thursday, Rock partyAugust 14

Skipper only had 2 pancakes for breakfast, "Eats like a boid!". Crew Kathy fished ouSailing chicst the weather gear. We went out - tasted the weather didn't like it - went back in 'lickity shit!' - John. Planning on the stern - Ron. Tricky navigating around here, no doubt about it - Brian.

Swimming1:05pm Lou desired breezy pants! Had a super sail in with Lou and Kath in command. Dined on mushroom soup, grilled cheese, more grilled cheese, etc. Toured Little Current on the 'biffy runs' and coffe'd up! Much philosophizing, then to bed much later. Sailed again later in the balmy gusts - in early after Narrow Isle - Skip sighted storm clouds. Had a super diplomatic tour of the 49' Bikini out of Grosse Point (Florida orig).

Friday, August 15 - The crewLittle Current dock.

8:30am: Skip bunked in cockpit last eve. Mosquitoes swarmed at day-break! Everybody hit the drink, soaped and sober. Crew convinced Skip wanted a swim - friendly threats!  Can-canned off the dock in unison. Partially incredulous native gal cheered us on with glee. Told John! "You shud-up!" for splashing Kathy. Obviously, after the Skip's body! Packed up the gear in our old kit bags and nostalgically awaited Jim. Lou spic & spanned the fore bunk while Kathy swabbed away crotchity deck hairs! Male crew complacently seek shade & are soothed with ugly bubblies. Ron's gaff-rigged shade jib is sailing away. Lou prepared peanut butter & jam sandwiches & coffee for breakfast.

Thank you, oh so very much, for a wonderful week of holidaying & fun aboard Rakaia, Ron.

                  Lou, John, Brian and Kathy.