Tapovan Peace Park panorama

~ 7000 Porlier Pass Road, Galiano Island
(A little way past Gustin Road)
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Tapovan steep trailA TAPOVAN is a wilderness or forest of spiritual practice (from the Sanskrit; Wikipedia). The Galiano Tapovan is dedicated to Sri Chinmoy, an advocate of world peace and a proponent of elightenment through music and athletism. His statue is placed at the top of the hill, overlooking the magnificent scenery of the Gulf Islands, and a selection of his aphorisms have been placed along the trails. The Tapovan is a creation of the Gratitude Foundation. Hiking trails within have been developed by the Galiano Trails Society and Deer Path Design. The climb from Porlier Pass to the statue is a steep and narrow path. Use cautiously and at your own risk. Trails shown as of June, 2015.

The TAPOVAN is NOT a campground! No camping and please no smoking or fires anywhere, anytime. Leave  nothing but footsteps, take nothing except what you brought, and a peaceful feeling.

Galiano Tapovan Peace Park trails

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Feb 27/19