Mt Galiano panoramic

Mt Galiano
          trailsMt. Galiano (311 m) is the highest hill on Galiano Island. Trails through its forested slopes lead to a superb view of the southern Gulf Islands from the top.

The Mt. Galiano Nature Preserve is held in trust for the people of the island by the Galiano Club. Access to the mountain is provided by a trail entirely within the Nature Preserve, starting at a large Parking Lot at the end of Active Pass Drive.

There are also trails across private property joining the above trail at the Nature Preserve boundary. There is some parking at the foot of the Alistair Ross Trail and a handful of road shoulder parking spots at the mid-Lord Park Trail entrance.

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Allow 3/4 to 1 hour to hike from any trailhead to the summit viewpoint.


The trails up Mt. Galiano are strictly for hiking... NO BICYCLES PLEASE.

PLEASE stay on the marked trails: you are crossing private property as well as a nature preserve: privacy and conservation dictate respect for neighbours and nature.

NOTE that there are NO TOILET facilities on Mt. Galiano. There are also NO GARBAGE containers: take out everything you bring in...leave Mt. Galiano pristine and beautiful for the next hikers.

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Feb 27/19