Hiking Trails of South Galiano
South Galiano
During the past few years we have been fortunate to see an expansion of the hiking opportunities in the South Galiano area. Thanks to an active Parks Commission and the trail building activities of a team of volunteers we are blessed with a veritable feast of hiking opportunities.

To the left is a map of South Galiano with the trails roughly shown in green.

Here is a "stand alone" copy of the map as a PDF document for printing purposes.

The trailhead to Mount Galiano is signposted and obvious. The trail is in relatively good condition.

Acknowledgements and Disclaimer

Some of the trails are managed by the Galiano Parks and Recreation Commission (e.g. Sturdies Bay Trail, Matthews Beach), some are managed by the Galiano Club (Bluffs Park and Mount Galiano). Some are on private land and are managed by the Galiano Trails Society.

Please act with responsibility and consideration for the land and for the generosity of the people who make these trails available. Please stay on designated trails and obey access restrictions to neighboring properties.

You are using the trails entirely at your own risk and are assuming full responsibility for your own safety.

Length of the Hikes

To give you an idea as to the distances involved here are a few one way trip timings for people in reasonable condition.

Trail Description
Sturdies Bay to Bluff Park Lookout and return.
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Aug 11/19