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   Fall, 2022

Coro Galiano expects to sing the following songs this Christmas


30-Second Merry Christmas                         Alfred Music Choral

African Noel                                                 The Lorenz Corporation

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit                                  For pronunciation purposes  
(When Christmas is Comes - Filipino)              (Not the same version)

Betelehemu                                                 Lawson-Gould Music            Prounciation Guide
(Nigerian Christmas Song)

Carol of the Bells                                          Coro Galiano, 2016



Kalanta Kalin imeran archontes

Lullaby, Jesus Child                                       Wroclaw Philharmonic Choir      
                                                                    Southern Oregon Repretory Singers

Oggun Belele                                                Hal Leonard Choir
(Traditional Yoruba song from Trinidad)

One Million Voices

Petit Papa noel                                              Barberey-Saint-Sulpice

Snow on Snow                                              Alfred Music Choral

The Nutcracker...                                           Blue Valley West High School
In about three minutes                                  Vancouver Bach Choir's Chorus Ensemble.

This Winter's Night                                        Coro Galiano (Xmas/2019)

Walking in the Air                                          Hal Leonard Choir

Winter Song                                                  Milwaukee's Vocal Arts Academy

Winter Wind                                                 Hal Leonard Choir

Audio Section Files

These MP3 files may be played directly or may be downloaded to be played from your home computer, MP3 player (e.g. iPod) or Smartphone. Single or double click on the file to play it directly. To download it to your computer right click on the selection and choose "Save as" (or something similar depending on your computer).   

Not all the section rehearsal tracks are done yet (I'm working on it).

30 Second Merry Christmas           Soprano      Alto      Tenor   Bass

African Noel                                         Soprano      Alto      Tenor   Bass

Ang Pasko ay Sumapit                   Soprano      Alto     

Betelehemu                                  Soprano      Alto      Tenor   Bass

Carol of the Bells                          Soprano      Alto      Tenor   Bass



Kalanta Kalin imeran archontes

Lullaby, Jesus Child 

Oggun Belele                               Soprano1   Soprano2    Alto   Baritone  
  (Above corrects quite a few errors in the first 4 pages that were present pre Sep. 27th).

One Million Voices

Petit Papa noel

Snow on Snow                             Soprano     Alto      Tenor     Bass 

The Nutcracker ...                                                     Alto     Tenor                  <- Youtube
in about three minutes                        Soprano      Alto      Tenor   Bass        <- Audio

This Winter's Night                      Soprano     Alto      Baritone 

Walking in the Air                        Soprano     Alto      Tenor   Bass

Winter Song
                               Soprano      Alto      Tenor   Bass

Winter Wind                               Soprano      Alto      Tenor   Bass 

Sep 27/22