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   Spring, 2020

All Coro Galiano rehearsals, sectionals and workshops are cancelled until further notice

Coro Galiano expects to sing the following songs this spring

As Torrents In Summer            Coro Galiano 2013       Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama

Down To the River To Pray       Coro Galiano 2016

Dubula                                     Messiah College Concert Choir    Diocesan & Dilworth School (fun to watch)

                                                Children's Choral Festival Conducted by Stephen Hatfield with long intro including translation.

Gate Gate                                 Western Illinois University Summer High School Camp Choir

Hear My Voice                          On Cue Calgary         

Here's To Song                         Coro Galiano 2016  

Hold Me Rock Me                     Sunday 7pm Choir

Lux Aeterna                              The Lornez Corporation       

Mojuba                                     Nova Scotia Choral Federation    Townview Choir         

O Magnum Mysterium               Coro Galiano 2006       Coro Galiano 2011

One Voice                                  Coro Galiano 2015

     1 It's May                              Coro Galiano 2006       Coro Galiano 2011

     2 Wherer Tears Are Falling   Coro Galiano 2011

     3 The Rose And The Lily        Coro Galiano 2011

Tabula Rasa                               U.B.C. Singers

Tu Voz                                        The Western Illinois University Singers       
Wangol                                        Coro Galiano 2019(to bar 38)       Cleveland Choirs      Choir School of Delaware

When the Saints Go Marching In   Coro Galiano 2012

Audio Section Files

These MP3 files may be played directly or may be downloaded to be played from your home computer, MP3 player (e.g. iPod) or Smartphone. Single or double click on the file to play it directly. To download it to your computer right click on the selection and choose "Save as" (or something similar depending on your computer).    

As Torrents in Summer                   Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

Down to the River to Pray
              Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

                                       Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

Gate Gate
                                        Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass  

Hear My Voice 
                              Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass 

Here's To Song                               Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

Hold Me Rock Me
                          Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

Lux Aeterna                                    Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass 

                                      Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass     

O Magnum Mysterium
                     Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

One Voice                          
             Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

Schumann 1 It's May                       Tenor1     Tenor2   Bass1    Bass2

Schumann 2 Where'er Tears Falling Soprano1    Soprano2    Alto1     Alto2

Schumann 3 The Rose and the Lily  Soprano   Alto     Tenor     Bass

Tabula Rasa                                    Soprano1  Soprano2     Alto1  Alto2    Tenor    Bass

Tu Voz                                             Soprano    Alto    Tenor    Bass

             Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass 

When the Saints Go Marching In
    Soprano     Alto    Tenor    Bass

Apr 27/20