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This Winter's Night (Dec 10-11, 2022)
Joined by the Sturdies Baybs

Click or tap on a selection to hear it. If you wish to download a copy onto your own device try a right click or double click if you have a mouse or press and hold for other devices (cellphones, tablets, etc.). All the single track recordings were taken from the concert at the South End Hall.

Coro Galiano

01 One Million Voices

02 Oggun Belele

03 This Winter's Night

04 Walking in the Air

05 Winter Wind

06 The Nutcracker

Coro Galiano and Sturdies Baybs

07 Snow on Snow

Sturdies Baybs

08 Salmon Hymn

09 Solstice Carole

10 Song for a Winter's Night

11 Winter Song

Coro Galiano and Sturdies Baybs

12 Gaudete

Coro Galiano

13 Carol of the Bells

14 Lulajze Jezuniu (Lullaby)

15 African Noel

16 Betelehemu

17 Ang Pasko

18 30 Second Merry Christmas

Full Saturday Concert at the Galiano South End Hall  (1hr, 14min)

Full Sunday Concert at the Galiano North End Hall (1hr, 16min)

An archive of all the Coro Galiano recordings since 2004 are available on Google Drive here.

  Dec. 20, 2022