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us singing "Come and Find the Quiet Centre"

Virtual Choir

SINGING IN THE RAIN (November 15, 2020)

Concert Lion's Hall outside
          Thanks for the picture go to Louise Ladouceur

Unfortunately, due to the rain, I was not able to put the sound recorder out in the field in front of the choir. Instead it ended up at the very far end of the building under the eves just past the basses. So unfortunately the basses tend to predominate. I attempted to compensate for this by reducing the volume for the lower frequencies.

As Torrents In Summer

Gate Gate

Hear My Voice

Down To The River To Pray

Hold Me Rock me

When The Saints Go Marching In


Here is a short video of us singing Saints Go Marching recorded by Louise - the sound is better.

When The Saints Go Marching In (Video).

An archive of all the Coro Galiano recordings since 2004 are available on Google Drive here.

  Nov 22/20 Added video
  Feb 14/21 Added Virtual Choir video
 Mar 18/21 Archive moved to Coro Galiano gmail account.