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                   CORO GALIANO

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You can probably play the music simply by clicking (or perhaps double clicking) on one of the following links. You should be able to download them so you can play them directly on your computer or copy them to your music player.  On Windows computers this can typically be done by right clicking on them and selecting "save link as" or something similar. The procedure can be different depending on your computer and web browser.

Following find the entire concert recordings for the Saturday and Sunday concerts complete with all introductions and applause. Each half is approximately 40 minutes long.

Saturday concert first half
Saturday concert second half

Sunday concert first half
Sunday concert second half
Note: People were standing near the recording microphone during the first 4 songs (the Sturdies Baybs) and their clapping caused a lot of sound distortion during the applause. I removed the distorted parts of the applause so if the applause seems shorter than you remember that is the reason.

Following find separate tracks for each song. The sound level for each song has been adjusted so they are all approximately the same volume. All the songs were taken from the Sunday performance at the North End Hall (If you want a particular track from the South End performance let me know). 

Coro Galiano
01 Lil'wat Welcome Song
02 Hlonolofatsa
03 Adiemus
04 Verleih uns Frieden
05 Westering home
06 The Nightingale
07 I loved You
08 Good Night
09 Oh Whistle
10 Roll Jordan Roll


Sturdies Baybs
11 Sto Me E Milo
12 Dirait-On
13 The Chain
14 Cups

Coro Galiano
15 Bambelela
16 Dulce Embeleso
17 What Matters
18 Yemaya Asesu
19 Wangol
20 Take Down These Walls

An archive of all the Coro Galiano recordings since 2004 are available on Google Drive here.

  May 05/19