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Fall 2018

Coro Galiano expects to sing the following songs this fall.

Harmonium Mundi                                                    Coro Galiano Spring 2016

Bogoroditze Devo, Rachmaninoff                             Coro Galiano & Ekoos Vocal Ensemble joint concert  recording 2011
                                                                                  Youtube (King's Cambridge Choir with sheet music)

Carrickfergus, arr. Philip Silvey                               Youtube (St. Paul HS Mixed Choir)      Youtube (CWU Chorale)

Caresse sur l'ocean, Bruno Coulais                           Youtube (With lyrics)     

Frobisher Bay, arr. Loomer revoiced Nickel              Nothing found.                                                

Heaven Somewhere, Stephen Hadfield                      Youtube (Sonolux Concert)
Holly and The Ivy                                                        Coro Galiano recording 2015

In The Bleak Mid Winter, J. A. Behnke                        Youtube (with sheet music)           Sheet music (PDF file)

Jingle Bells, arr Bold, Paich, Hayes                             Coro Galiano recording 2015

Nowell Sing We, arr Susan Nelson                             Nothing found.

Sea Song, Michael Unger                                            Youtube (Guelph Community Singers)

Shout For Joy, arr Peter Amidon                                  Nothing found
Solstice Song, arr Peter Amidon                                  Youtube (Starry Mountain Singers)

S'vivon                                                                           Youtube (Coronado madrigal Singers)

There Is A Season. (For Remembrance Day)                Youtube (ABAC Concert Choir)   Youtube (Lake Zurich High School)

There Is No Rose                                                           Nothing found.

Yuletide Fires, Diane Loomer                                        Youtube (Kokoro Choir)

Audio Section Files

These are mostly .mp3 files (some are Youtube videos). The MP3 files may be played directly or may be downloaded to be played from your home computer, MP3 player (e.g. iPod) or Smartphone. Single or double click on the file to play it directly. To download it to your computer right click on the selection and choose "Save as" (or something similar depending on your computer).     

Harmonium Mundi                                     Soprano    Alto        TenorBass 

Bogoroditze Devo, Rachmaninoff  Soprano High   Soprano Middle    Alto Low    Alto Middle    Tenor    Bass     <-on Youtube.

Caresse sur l'ocean                                    Soprano     Alto                <- on Youtube with sheet music

Carrickfergus                                            Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

Frobisher Bay                                            Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

Heaven Somewhere               Soprano1    Soprano2    Alto        Tenor        Bass 

Holly and the Ivy                                         Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

In The Bleak Midwinter                              Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

Jingle Bells                              Soprano1    Soprano2    Alto        Tenor        Bass 

Nowell Sing We                                          Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

Sea Song                                                    Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

Shout For Joy                                             Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

Solstice Song                                             Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

S'Vivon                                                       Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

There is a Season                                       Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass       <- For Remembrance Day               

There Is No Rose                                        Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

Yuletide Fires                                              Soprano     Alto        Tenor        Bass

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