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Spring 2019

Coro Galiano expects to sing the following songs this spring

Adiemus                              Youtube(Bel Canto Choir Vilnius)


Dulce Embeleso                   Youtube(Coro BCN)

Good Night                          Youtube(Mostly Maples Vocal

Hlonolofatsa                         Youtube(Univ. of Pretoria Youth Choir)

I Loved You                           Youtube(Citrus Valley High School)

Lil'wat Welcome Song

Roll, Jordan, Roll                   Youtube(Winthrop Chorale)

Take Down These Walls          Youtube

The Nightingale                     Youtube(Rivertree Singers)

Wangol                                   Youtube(Ballard HS Concert Choir)

Yemaya Asesu                         Youtube(Crediton & Univ of Exeter)


Audio Section Files

These are mostly .mp3 files (some are Youtube videos). The MP3 files may be played directly or may be downloaded to be played from your home computer, MP3 player (e.g. iPod) or Smartphone. Single or double click on the file to play it directly. To download it to your computer right click on the selection and choose "Save as" (or something similar depending on your computer).     

Adiemus           soprano1   soprano2    alto   tenor      bass

Bambelela               solo     soprano      alto   tenor      bass

Dulce Embeleso             soprano              alto     tenor    bass

                                       soprano              alto                             <- Youtube

Good Night                     soprano              alto     bass1     bass2

Hlonolofatsa                   soprano              alto     tenor     bass

I Loved You                     soprano              alto     tenor     bass

Lil'wat Welcome Song     soprano             alto     tenor     bass

Roll Jordan Roll               soprano              alto     tenor     bass

Take Down These Walls   soprano              alto     tenor     bass

The Nightingale               soprano              alto     tenor     bass
(16 rest bars starting
at bar 62 reduced to 3)

Wangol                             soprano              alto     tenor     bass  <-Youtube

Yemaya Asesu                  soprano              alto     tenor     bass

Dec 27/18